80’s and everything after

I saw a preview for a movie coming out soon with Sarah Jessica Parker… it was titled ‘I don’t know how she does it.” The answer is. She doesn’t. It takes a village, lady! It always has, and you know what else? It always will. This aint no one person job. That’s why we single moms have it so damn tough- you don’t know how she does it? Are you serious?! Wow! I don’t know how Cindy does it, or Ann, or Lara, or Nicole, or even me. But I do know even so, we don’t do it alone.

I have help. I enlist the help of family and friends all the time. And we ALL do that. I have great helpers. I love them all. And my kids love them. And they love my kids. And we all love each other. And hopefully that will be enough to get us through. I think it is.


And here’s the thing, I loved Sarah Jessica Parker. Ever since Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, I have loved her. I wanted to be her in Honeymoon in Vegas, loved her in Woody Allens’ movies. (don’t get me started on Woody Allen- I think I am the last one to still actually like Woody Allen’s movies. I actually have friends several years older than me who don’t even know who or what he is all about)   And her insane body. And her fashion… and she freaking bagged Ferris! And he is still completely adorable. Ok, he isn’t John Cusack, but still… I have a cute nose and am totally willing to surrender my cute nose for the horror that resides in the middle of her now, way too pointy face if it meant I could wear her clothes, have her abs. And be Carrie. OMG! Carrie.  But she has really done it this time! I am already pissed off and haven’t even seen the movie yet.

So any other bitterly jealous sisters of the Sword that wanna see it with me?!  I will be there on opening night- relying on the terrific helpers I have in my life to entertain my kids while I spent a few hours envying, loving, and I hope laughing because despite its contrived story line. (oh I haven’t seen it or anything but trust me, its contrived and I am OK with that if the story is touching, and she is fabulous, and it sweeps me into the story- and has great music. You know, that comes from and we should ALL thank him for it- music in movies raised the bar high thanks to another John. John Hughes. Had terrific taste, too!) That scene in Say Anything- a favorite of mine from the time I was like oh I don’t know nine years old- wishing I could find a sport of the future Kick Boxing hottie boyfriend. .. like John Cusack’s character.. Lloyd Dobler.. what a name, lol, anyway he stands under Ione Skye’s window with a stereo in hand playing Lost In Your Eyes.. and sorry, much love to you Ione with the weird mouth, your eyes were a little stony to me… but whatever floats my imaginary boyfriends’ boat…


So I am sending an open invitation to all of you- come with me opening night- we will eat something fried for dinner, and drink something with some fruit in it because as Cindy is always saying I am wimp. I am a shameful irish lass that cant really hold her liquor. HAHAH But we will find out if we agree… I Don’t Know How She Does It, and then I suggest a slumber party with my imaginary boyfriend John Cusack, and Cindy’s popcorn. And Kelly’s Hot Tamales and Milk Duds… and some limes, for me. Please come. RSVP to me whenever you feel like it

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