Lions For Lambs

If what they say is true- “The Meek shall inherit the earth”, then I think the kind hearted and considerate of others, should pretty much inherit everything else!

How many of us really take the time to be thoughtful? I know my intentions are never really unkind ones, at all, but sometimes they’re selfish. Sometimes, they’re thoughtless, even. But what good do the best of intentions really do when there is no power behind them?

Careful thought and consideration of others is sometimes a hassle. Some people pull it off with ease and grace and these rare such souls are the inspiration for today’s topic.


Kelly Hewitt and Shannon Gray this ones for you! I applaud the both of you for your natural thoughtfulness, your good natured spirits, your “excersises” in restraint (thinking of Kelly now and her lunch time walks!) Shannon, I have heard this beautiful woman say she doesn’t believe she has patience… yet she exudes it from within.  Ladies I really cannot say enough about what wonderful people I find you both to be. I am so grateful to share a circle of common friends with you!


I salute many of you for your kindnesses, Lara Swenson, Jody Trujillo for your sunny dispositions, Kelly Abeyta Hepworth for a compass that can be counted as always pointing due north to truth, righteousness, kindness, and fun! Elisa Terry for making everything beautiful in her presence- you darling old friend have a gift. Michael Cheeney for always saying something inappropriate that will make me laugh, and for your leadership, friendship, strength, and I love that you are loud person. I really adore that you will shout across a room to be heard, and that we are kindred spirits on the merits of good music coming from nearly everywhere for which I am sure we have our parents to thank!   Olivia for 10 million different ways you show love through thought, service, kind words and deeds. Cindy for so much more than can be put into words, my fabulous friend you are a “sister” in my heart and always will remain so. My daughter for Living, Laughing & Loving the way you do and may your pure heart be protected and kept strong for all the wonderful days of your life. My dad. For everything in between that on its own never amounts to much, but is always there when you really need it and him. For always doing that. Matthew Shepherd for your kind words and thoughts about really pretty much everything including that which annoys you which you share in the most generous ways possible to those who care to hear it. And Matthew my friend, I always will care to hear. For My Captain, (you know who you are) for exploring the eternal abyss with me.

And if the purest displays of love come from service this goes out to one deeply caring, considerate woman I am in awe of more and more as each day passes. To you mom. For sacrifice. For hard work. Perseverance and spirit. For your humor. For your homemade chili and chicken noodle soup. For always watching. For your many talents. But right now, for your ability to stand up and breathe in and out, and to go through the motions in what has been a very personal and painful challenge. Mom your service to your family and your home is appreciated. If there is a reward for this- then I hope it leads you to peace within.

I am challenging myself to try and have better impact on the people I care about by being a better daughter, mother. Friend, and I want to thank each of you for your examples. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my friends, my loved ones, … may my words and deeds emulate yours!

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