*POOP* Happens

Doesn’t it?

I wish I had less of it in my life.  But in an effort to keep my commitment to myself, to my kids, and to PAY IT FORWARD a new dogma I have recently decided to buy into. I have chosen to laugh at it, all of it. So here I am paying homage to all the different kinds of poop I get to shovel.

Let’s just talk about it. Poop. For me poop takes on a lot of different meanings at different times. I’m not proud of this, but my toddler believed the other word for *poop* was the word you’re supposed to use every time something was dropped/spilled/broken. Not my finest hour.  Speaking of toddlers and poop- we are currently in negotiations with same said toddler about the finer points of where and how to poop. Expressing with as much enthusiasm as possible that we have a moratorium on any pooping outside of the potty. If you consider this an Olympic Event so far we have 2 points for the “home” team and well more misses than I care to recall. Yep. Pretty  poopy.


So the “other” kind of crap we should discuss covers a multitude of clean your **** up and put it away, the spiritual kind- the Holy ****! Doesn’t come out often but is always said in bewilderment at life’s little surprises.

In my family we have tested it and can prove it to be true that the really big, awful poop comes in the form of bad news, bad things, and usually in quantities of three. I am talking about everything from lost lives, lost souls, lost innocence, and lost dreams.  The rule of 3. Not more than we Cheeney’s can handle, just enough to keep us shoveling for a while. I have decided to celebrate this particular poop . I am honored that I am strong, and I am proud to tell you that my strengths have been tested many times. I am proud that we Cheeney’s come from survivor stock. You can’t keep a good half-irishman/ woman down! And we are proof of that. We know how to draw those lines in the sand, how to circle our wagons, and see the Upside of Our Anger, Angst, and sometimes, even our enemies whether they come in the forms of ignorance, neglectfulness, cruelty, or chance. It is just plain poop. And we carry an arsenal of laughter, hope, togetherness, and shovels to cover it all.


And when the day is done, we sleep with clean hands, full hearts, and each of us with a renewed sense of what is good in us all. Ready to face “the fan” again another day.

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