My Girl Tuesday

My Girl Tuesday

Trying to be a better blogger takes time. I want readership, fellowship, to commiserate with souls out there in the ether more like mine. I am an alien in my world- not all of my pieces fit into one place. Most of what I value about myself is celebrated solo. One woman show we could call it “Just Anne” and it would not be enough, and sometimes it would be too damn much even for me.

So my girl Tuesday is here today pushing herself past her recent angst, her recent upsets revealing all that is hard about growing up, and coming to terms with your limitations, your station, your mistakes.

I felt deep shame when I first had to face myself in the mirror, and have felt it again and again as I have traveled on. Shame for what I didn’t provide to my children. . (jury still out on that one) Shame for having bad credit, bad grades, bad hair cuts, Well as I have grown older I have discovered something I thought was pretty remarkable. WE ALL HAVE THAT. Or well, a lot of us do anyway. I’m not such a bad person, after all. I’m normal. What a weird thing to strive for.

And I haven’t been normal one day in my whole life and it’s not about to change now. Not when being the real weirdo I am is finally starting to make sense to me. I’m not your version of weirdo, I am my own.

I get a lot out of pouring myself onto the page, and sharing glimpses of it with you. I wish everyone I knew did this. For the ones who do, I love it.  For those who don’t, I ask you, what are you waiting for? We all have something to share. What if we were all standing in one place, metaphorically speaking, naked.

My Girl Tuesday is about freedom of expression, celebrating our commonality- and “free ballin” with the best of em! Speaking of free ballers, I have to give a gross but awesome shout out to my girl LilBit she never wears panties… must make getting dressed that much faster… don’t really follow the school of no skivvies but I appreciate that she does. I would be particularily interested in seeing her share a note or two. I hope to elevate my blog this nexy year into something cooler, smarter and better. Practice will make it perfect- or as imperfect as me. Either one will be fun.

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