My Girl Tuesday Part 2

My girl Tuesday part 2


You know what sucks? I lose things. I lose important things. I am not good at keeping track. I need a 12 step recovery program for being such the loser!

I lose jewelry, credit cards, debit cards, keys, papers, respect.  I have lost children, recently a matter of very public display. I will be sure to thank Abby for that when I get around to getting over it. And I have lost a few loved ones along the way, some never to return, and some not be featured in my story any more, but perhaps out there creating a story of their very own.

You know what I am really NOT good at losing?? Pounds. Weird for the loser in me to keep such great track of those. Just goes to show what a loser I really can be.


Currently hoping to locate the following:

Debit card


Lip Gloss

Ipod Touch Charger

Time to breathe

A sense of calm

Birth Certificate

My mind.


Should you see any or part of any of those items featured here, please put them, and me in your pocket for a time.


Much appreciated!

One thought on “My Girl Tuesday Part 2

  1. I am also a loser in terms of losing pounds. I have lost my mind as well. Sometimes, I find small pieces of it, yet I still feel it is incomplete. Enjoyed reading your post.

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