I got a major case of the diabolical dib dabs of the blow hoe and other categorical catastrophes!

I think everything is returning to normal around my house. A new normal. Recently, we had a death in the family, and one displaced mother, and replaced with aunties and uncles and love and heartache and stress galore, and one seriously lost child, and someone ( I’m not naming names) ate all the good Halloween candy like ALL of it. Serious stuff, I tell ya.
I am in need of a bubble bath, back rub, high five to the face, and maybe an extra 12 hours in my days to sleep and struggle as it seems I am destined to do right now.
I am channeling my best Jackie O right now, maintaining dignity in the face of tragedy, and emotional upsets is my game and one day with more valium and booze in my system Jackie shall be thy name! Or well alright fine, organic veggies, chilled water in a recyclable, reusable water bottle, and perhaps some double mint gum, met with fervor and physical and psychological health.

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