For Abby

I’ll never know what I did to be worthy of you, my God tells me we all choose who will be our family… and such a perfect spirit deserved a better mom than me! If it is true what they say… and love is the most important part… darling child, my love for you has outgrown my body, and outstretched my heart! The sweet sounds of your voice fills the walls of this house, and it seems to be a place you belong to. Everywhere I look, every single little nook seems to have been earmarked for you. I think your future holds big things for you… If there is any wisdom, beautiful little Abby your mother can impart, it would be- Always hold on to who and what you are. You were born a survivor, don’t let this world grow big and cold around you. And never forget to let your dreams reach the sky, touch the brightest star! Already I see the woman you will be, and there is no other daughter in the world more lovely!

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