The Key To My Heart

I have a secret wish buried in my heart, I give you the only key because this little wish was yours from the start! I want to help you mend yourself, every delicate and precious part. You have piercing unnerving eyes and a soul screaming behind an iron curtain you’ve kept locked with twisty ties! In darkness, when you’re alone you pray that no one will hear your aching cries. But.. there’s something I wish you could see- the inspiring and beautiful gift of divinity. You have such an important task at hand- you must learn how to live outside your shell- if you let me hold you upright- you’ll be all ready nobody has to know– I’ll never tell. Only then can you make room for total kindness, and unconditional support. Come closer– you will see I offer a calm, gentle hand. And a few treasured truths raked against and away from my wasted youth. There is no premium to high to pay to wake with the sunrise and feel nothing beyond just being OK. I think you secretly crave isolation- to get away from too much noise- try to run from the screeching in your brain. Instead, you revel a little too long in your pain, surely you must know there’s nothing from this you can gain. If you let me, I’d wear your cross; let your tired back rest… it’s true you can probably do it better, but I would do my level best. When darkness falls your weary eyes close against all those things you’ve done- you despise- forcing your heart to slow giving your fitful mind a whole new place to go. In the shadows, maybe you’ll find nothing to give you pause- walk with ease and remember that you can forgive all those whose damage you didn’t cause. You could read a book- you could let your story fold out on paper- watch your tone– UN-plug your telephone replace it with a shiny new megaphone let the whole world hear you shout “WHAT”S THIS ALL SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT???” Your potential is boundless and not striving for something truly great is groundless- You are a true work of art! You cannot blend in a crowd. You have an amazing voice so use it. Let your thoughts and inner self be heard out loud. If I could give you the perfect gift, I’d give you Absolute Peace. I will revel in your successes. I am the one you can count on to say “I knew Him When” give yourself freedom. Let your bare feet feel the warm earth beneath them. Buy a silly toy and play! Take up yoga- do it while chewing on your tongue- whatever. Just know your path is yours alone and there is nothing from which you cannot atone. If you could see what I see when I look at you, I know you’d smile- maybe then you’d look back at me for awhile. I want only your health, wealth, and happiness to come- and to give you the KEY to my heart’s secret wish. I don’t want to mold you, but I will always be available if you want someone to hold you. My ears wait in earnest for you. Always eager to hear your familiar gravelly voice- to take and keep your confidences- to be a sound wall— I want to be a real safe place your thoughts can crawl. I wanna know you for 1,000 years- to see you come into your own and be there to cheer you on as you stand tall without feeling you must be shown. Without a word, you’ve given me something I will take away and cherish. You always let me just be me. I never feel as though I need to impress you. In that, you’ve led by example only. My life, because of you, is less lonely. I’m proud to be your friend- I will count myself lucky to have known you in the end. It goes without saying, (but we both I will say it anyway, because when I am with you I relish in knowing there is nothing I cannot say…) To that end, thank you! Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for being one of the best kissers I have ever seen. Thank you for your charisma. Thank you for your take on the world- You are so much more than you seem. When I think of you, I gush! I trust you. I want you to know the real me… all flawed, and human and totally girly! If ever you should need some loyal and gentle at your side- I’d drop whatever offering my comfort, my simple uncomplicated appreciation of you, and genuine interest in what you do. I’d even offer a cool, quiet place to hide. When you see this, and I hope that you do- Don’t mistake my meaning- it is clear and cut. I wanna be your friend. I want to see you pull yourself out of this rut! I am only interested in being appreciated by you. If I am lucky I’ll discover you feel that way, too. We can enrich each others’ lives- if you’re still skeptical, take a long hard look behind my back- I assure you… You’ll find no knives.

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