You get as good as you Give

  In the next 3 years of my life I will learn to look at my naked  self in the mirror- I will recognize my eyes. I will laugh at least once everyday! I will tell those that matter, I love them.
The next 3 years of my life will take me to new beliefs and some amazing reiterations of old ones.     I will wear candy red lipstick to the park! I will finally conquer my ridiculous fear of the dark.
I will give myself the absolute license to fail. I will play guitar. I will lay in cool blades of grass, dreamily wishing upon my Libra star- I will go out with no bra- let my hair grow and without care, let my plunging tendrils fall.
I will seduce a virtual stranger and never tell him my name. I will
allow myself a ‘time-out’ from other peoples’ drama and refuse to play anyone’s self defeating games.
I will embrace the embarking lines across my face, and let my cool white skin feel the sun’s embrace!

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