Simple Salt Lake City English

                Party of 3, Table for 1


I’m an amazing person.

 I’m on a journey one in a million people try to take.

 I will give love to all that I encounter, I will give of myself.

We will be forever changed.

 We already are.

 I have learned so much.

You have learned so much.

Be inspired.

Have your cake and eat it, too. ( made me laugh so hard…  thinking of you saying it) But, you have to add the ingredients to the cake that make it something easier to digest for everyone you wish to share it with. Otherwise, it’s just a cake made for you to eat.

Nothing can brake you if you stand up for yourself. Beautiful spirit! Stand!

Teach your daughter  to be the woman you can’t be. Give her the wings you never learned to use fully.

Know your limits.

Communicate. Openly.Always.

Be vulnerable to new people, and new things.

TRUST your ability to create something from nothing.



Make today count for something more than it did yesterday.

Don’t give your personal power away.

I’m in charge of my own happiness.

So are you.

The Universe will send such mysterious and wonderful gifts,

Get out of her way, so you can appreciate their majesty.

Thank you for sharing any piece of yourselves with me.

Thank you for a month of Thursdays.

Thank you for Sunday Mornings coming down….  😉

Thank you for consideration

Thank you for your iteration

Thank for you the inspiration

I hope you will both forgive yourselves for being human, for being scared, for being selfish, for feeling a little bit lost.

 I forgive you.

And I pray you will forgive me, too.

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