Just a Spoonful

Im taking everything in doses, small easy little doses….

Taking doses of silk, just little bits of sweet… they tickle from the top of my head down to my little feet. …

To be followed by a glass full of bitter… and hot… so hot its sticky the air so thick I cant breathe… and I hate this weather…

The earth opended up and showed herself to me, and I fell in a worm hole trying to thank her for the gift…

I swear to you, reader, and my hung jury… I had no idea it would cause a rift.

Taking it all in doses… just a sprinkle, really of hope… and a dash of Logic and Reason to help them Cope.


One thought on “Just a Spoonful

  1. And you say i’m talented that was really great! i love it! 🙂 🙂 you my friend are also very talented and FRIGGN AWESOME!

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