525,600 Minutes

All I need is a minute of your time. To sort it all out, and move on down the line.

You lied to me every single day for a year. For a year!

And you dont live here anymore, I still remember the day you walked out my door. I am still picking some of those peices off the floor.

A broken hearted little boy who believed in you, as only a child would do. He sat and waited for you…  believed you’d be back.. Telling him his daddy was gone, and would return, and that you loved him. And you let me lie to him, too. Because you knew.

You’re a a real peice of work. He deserves better from his father… and so do I.

But, after 525,600 minutes of listening to your lies… you wont be getting anymore from me.. no more aching cries.

And dont worry about that little boy, he and I are strong and we have already forgiven you, but we wont be holding out for more, and he isnt waiting around for you- there’s nothing left here for him to hold on.







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