My Narcissus’

She’s got eyes that draw you in,  maybe a guilty pleasure… a small little sin.

She’s got a winning smile, stop and watch her talk.. and you’ll be there a long while- the way her lips take shape as she speaks… drowns even the most seasoned sailor in her apple fleck cheeks.

Honey drips from her hips, slow, summertime hips that sway evenly as she steps…

The divine Ms. stands on shapely legs and a full figure…  round all over, and sexy, and so soft…

and she smells so good… like the honey combs up from inside her all sticky and sweet…

And I stand in a mirror watching her gaze.. I stand all amazed at the way her belly rises and falls…

The way her fingers  splay flat at her ribs and I am rendered looking at her like that-

a shy smile spreads across her stunning face..,.

And there has never been a more beautiful woman… standing there… holding sway in this time and this place..



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