Apathy’s History

In the quiet of the evening, balance is restored- An ancient wound is bound cured. We look op on ourselves like this- It’s an ethereal place… A time of volition, It’s a smooth transition from one to the other and then again- We know not from whence we come! Like Gypsies we gather round the stones and tell the stories as we’ve    heard them from those who came before us- We try to remember if  ever there were a time we were not so lost- A generation of women leading us to a place we call equality- Instead what we’ve found is Oppression To Economic Recession Degeneration of generations, Less education, Ignorance igniting! Ours is the Bush burning! We’ve less time for new learning-
Our weakened potential for earning… We all play a part— but social apathy is tearing us apart!!!!!!!!      

One thought on “Apathy’s History

  1. Apathy.. all of it, religious, race, kindness – all are not good. But…focusing on apathy focuses on what we (the individual) do NOT have, and places the blame on others. I choose the inverse.

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