Darling Damned….

There is a relationship I have fostered with wildflowers, there in a field, all along the banks of my river… we have been seen lying languidly for hours.

And I have never seen a sunrise that didn’t steal my breath, or leave me a peacefulness that stayed within my breast.

I have never met a canyon rim that didn’t seem to say, ” I’m a place for letting go, for starting over, and for learning how to stay”

And in the night sky you can see my remembering eye…

When the rain falls I feel the tears’ spilling from YOUR eye… and I know by their intensity if it was intended as laughter, or a cry… to howl through the trees- and bring me to my knees in aching longing to heal you. In those moments sometimes, I pretend you’re spilling out and on to my skin so I can feel you.

In the darkness, cloaked by a cloudy sky… I meet my maker, and look her in the eye… I stand taller now than she planned… and I am still her child, no longer the darling damned.

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