Thanking The Lord For My Fingers

In my hands I hold a lot…. it may not amount to much, but its my everything and I’m proud of the things I got.

I carry it all well, ok so maybe that’s just the little white lie I tell.

I know somethings slip between the cracks in my fingers…

I see them there lying on the floor as I go to shut yet another door.

Its okay its just another of the million peices of me that get lost in you.

A tiny bit of my heart is on the soles of your kicks…  I am readying my stone cold cheek for my well deserved licks.

and I can take it… strong enough to love and lose… and accept the wheel of time turning… the season white hot, it’s burning.

I would strip you bare of your soldiers’ shoes.

The Place Time Forgot

Brick homes with stone walls, and tree lined streets, cool blades of blue green grass quaffed perfectly at our feet.

We began a half dream there together, lying under a perfect tree, on a perfect day with perfect weather.

Your smile speaks to me… to a place I can’t deny. A part of me where strangers are unwelcome, the tender bits that when touched too roughly show the tear drops spilling from my eye…

This place you shared with me, untouched by time… a place where love for you found me, and your heart felt mine. Its a place we can travel back to… somewhere a long the line.

Only a pure heart can beat here, only a strong, steady hand can lead here…

Only you can take me here to this place where time forgets and the world ignores, and the sunshine pours out of a sky made for love…  Only when we lie on a perfect summer day under a tree, with our hearts butterflying above.

Versatile Blog Award!

Thanks to the charming Kit-Kat Sisters for reading my blog, finding my poetry, prose, and other such interesting! I have to tell you Kit-Kat sisters that I love, and I mean LOVE-LOVE kit-kat candy bars so much, and I like your love of dogs. Your blog is great looking and well put together. I find your posts heart warming!

I am honored to think other bloggers are liking what I am trying to do. I read a lof of amazing blogs and yours in certainly one of them! So thanks!

My versatile blogger awards nominations go to the following:

Someone Stole My Cookie… /


Not Into Labels..ya Know for Brevity

You could call me Dude.. I would answer… because I loved The DUDE… or Dude-a-rino… If your into the whole “brevity thing”… makes me giggle everytime I hear Jeff Bridges say it. I totally feel ya, bro!

I am not into labeling… if it’s Christmas and you are at a craft store looking at crap, please don’t buy me a label maker.. else you will find  this “Dude” day after Christmas, in the line of “shame” , or worse yet, I use the label maker when I pack my stuff to move, and label everything… “Nacho Box” and laugh like a little kid everytime someone asks me where the damn box belongs.

Ever feel like certain titles bestowed you are belittling? Is this just me? Naw…  I’m pretty sure Im in alright company.



If you raise your hand and say not a word… you will still be heard.  Because I am listening. I am here waiting for the next sign and gesture you give…

We speak to each other and dance around stuff… that’s okay cuzz its only stuff…  its just a reflection of  a deflection. We’ll get through it.

One day we will not only mirror each other, but see into one another- there will be a little less cloud in our Grey sky.

The way we engage, disengage, and re-engage says a lot.  You can dip your toe in, hedge your bets.. you are safe here.. you wont get caught.

Trap my tap dance in a wine glass, pop the cork, we can lay about and dance like dorks.

Not yet ready to take a stand, just hanging out and holding hands.