Not Into Labels..ya Know for Brevity

You could call me Dude.. I would answer… because I loved The DUDE… or Dude-a-rino… If your into the whole “brevity thing”… makes me giggle everytime I hear Jeff Bridges say it. I totally feel ya, bro!

I am not into labeling… if it’s Christmas and you are at a craft store looking at crap, please don’t buy me a label maker.. else you will find  this “Dude” day after Christmas, in the line of “shame” , or worse yet, I use the label maker when I pack my stuff to move, and label everything… “Nacho Box” and laugh like a little kid everytime someone asks me where the damn box belongs.

Ever feel like certain titles bestowed you are belittling? Is this just me? Naw…  I’m pretty sure Im in alright company.


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