The Essential… (provincial) and somewhat pycho babble of Anne

I would catch a plane and fly to wherever the sun is setting right now… somewhere warm, where the earth is alive with color and the scent of promise can fill my lungs. And the spray of a new perfume can cover my cold, white skin.

Because anything has to be better than the places Im dwelling in.  I have the rank strangers’ sweat sticking to my brow- and a feeling of a loss that isn’t even mine, anyhow.

I would let the slow flicker of a low flame illuminate a path in front of me… and let my nimble feet take me far away…

Because I’m sick of the same scene, and all the nothing in between.

I would hitch a ride to a place with lots of open space… fields of cool blue grasses, and tall iced drinks that are famed for kicking even the most seasoned drunks asses.

Because when one drink just wont do surely there is enough for me to have two.

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