And when you said time is all it takes to heal I would look out at the dwindling daylight wondering aloud… is time the trick?

Tricky time… I wait for you, I sometimes chase you… I try to hold you in my hands- and try to save you.

I will set you free… and in the final darkest hour on my clock I hope you will still release me.

I thought I’d make friends with time, thought that we were blind- but fine because don’t THEY say, To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven?

When is it our time, my time, your time and their time? Can we have it all at the same time?

I say Yes.. just a small three letter word for beautiful possibility, for all that is likely and well worn, well loved… and sometimes at least for me, a bit forlorn.

So I finally get the joke- time moves backwards through the things we want, feels we like can’t move from the horror of a painful spot, and leaves us too quickly in our prime…

Tricky indeed, my old friend Time. 

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