The Thrill of The Hunt

I am on the prowl. I am a hungry lioness seeking her lunch. I am a starving artist who needs to pay her rent. I am armed with all the hope and ambition in the world. I will find a new place to call my own. A job, a paycheck that will help me keep my happy home.

But, while on the hunt, the long hungry hours I have lost, I get restless. And I know myself, no good can come from this.

Things I have learned while putting myself “out there”.

* Real girls wear heels, and well I am clearly not a ‘”real girl” because I can hardly walk in them.

* A solid, firm handshake shouldn’t make the other guy grimace!

* Don’t go in there hungry! (such an “only Anne” story, but I went to an interview last week neglected to eat anything prior and my stomach was doing ALL the talking! eep!)

* Keep your sense of humor.

* Do not! I repeat DON’T! Tell your cute my little one did this, stories! And if you are anything like me, you need to know, you probably shouldnt sing during the interview. (another “only Anne” story I may share with you later)

So I am still hunting determined to “bag and tag” my new baby before months’ end. I know a few others out there in the cold getting lonley, feeling old. Hang in there! We will all be feasting in no time!


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