When We Were Young

A while back, I don’t think I can even tell you when; a star was born. Actually I think this star may have just been something that came to be because you touched me.

A light in a tunnel. An awakening within. And it changed me forever. You changed me. I don’t even remember what I was doing before this star filled my sky, I have little remnants of a life that came before, but without ever understanding why

I am not the woman I was before. I am not even a woman. Because a woman wears a different kind of smile, a woman has a powerful voice..

I’m more a creature, because when it came to this evolution there was no question of choice.

There is a light that casts shadows on the walls around you, distorts the look of a thing until  it is lost, and it seems only the mighty may find you.

I keep pixie dust in my pockets for that exact moment when the stars fall and the wind is right and the grass is green and we can move mountains with the strength of our hearts. And we are not people but bursts of bright lights that move and are interspersed throughout a world we made all our own.

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