Darling Indigo

Your  color calls to me- like a shouted whisper I cannot ignore. 

Your nuance is less than subtle… 

Even the sound of you silently sucking in air is insistent, you implore. 

Vibrant heat rises as your belly falls

And I am hungry, its your landscape my mindscape explores.

Inspired Indigo somehow you have x-ray vision, you see through the haze. 

In the hours that pass too quickly, in the drinks that disappear,

when my pocketbooks are empty… when the shadows in the dark call me near. 

You stand out, your hands like soft worn leather….

I know, there is nothing we cannot weather.

The Ebb and Flow

To dance one must connect their feet to the floor, their bodies to the wind, and their ears to the heavens where surely the music comes from.

To do it with style and with grace you must keep a ten and two rhythm at a tantric pace- letting your lines lean far out from your form.

Right now, we are dancing somewhere in space I can see the stars lighting your wonderful face. We twirl and twirl and skip and laugh tumbling … our bodies floating out there in this weird and wild place.