The Frailty

I’ll begin with a disclaimer, I’m a naive optimist with a guarded heart and an open mind. Im just now figuring out you didn’t mean it when you told me to

“Seek and Ye shall find”

I don’t know what to do. I’m going out of my mind.

Maybe it would be better if I could blame you,

I don’t think I would love you this way if I could tame you.

We’re both such hypocrites. We want wings, with strings.

Its late, and getting later still…

In this dark hour, the tears have all gone sour.

Science says you can tell what caused a tear by its composition. I didn’t need the definition the tears are clouding my vision.

I know what you’re doing, its been done before. Just right now, no kidding! I can’t take this crap anymore.

Not that you’re looking, not that you can see, but I tripped and fell back there.

The lay of our land lies in your perfect hand.

You are my architect…

And I swear… even incomplete that hallowed ground moved with my heart to your simple sound-

From our garden you showed me the rainbow iris that can only be felt in your kiss.

And how stars hung there in our sky

A perfect constellation mirror your mystic eye

Still, seeds we planted born of love need an even spaced eyes, and Freedom Fighter

Petals push up breaking concrete without a sound and bring with them subtle promise your sweet refrain.

Star crossed petals fight to keep the life created from just the twinkle, and a little sprinkle of honey-dew.

Queen Bee waits for you.

She calls out, crestfallen.

Her Brave Knight is busy, neglects her, his Bride of Passion.


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