Consumate Kindred

It has been 1,460 days since you showed me your mark. 2,102,400 minutes since my blood pumped to this heart that belongs to you.

Isn’t it funny how if you break time into smaller bits and stretch it out over the skin of this body how much of that vast space between the last place you touched my skin and the stolen sin you left me with and all the thousands of ways my mind drifts back to the sin again and again.

We lock, tie, and lace because nature cannot exist in the airless space where lovers’ gentle lips hold secrets & eyes hide pain betrayed by the common passersby

Time laid out before you covering the cool creamy skin of this breast leaves a thinly beating breaking heart rattling inside this chest…

Our garden is freshly tended, our ancient wounds bound, cured & mended.

I bare witness as the last of us standing, I bare myself as the only one who can stand me.

Kindred call for me, for our time is  nearly wasted. consumate kindred