Mother’s Helping Hand

When you’ve cashed in all your do-overs and all the I’m sorry I am late’s and the dog is too full to eat your homework…


You can come to me. I will know what to do, I have been here before. I can help.


When you’ve spent your bottom dollar on a bet, when the sun came out before you got to bed, when your very favorite pair of jeans are wet.


You can come to me. I have a solution. I can help.


I have done all these things before, okay, okay I admit I have done all this and a helluva lot more.


I don’t really learn from my mistakes, I just get better at dancing when the world has raised its stakes.


I’ll bring the vodka and ice cream when your heart breaks.




Follow my lead, I’ll teach you my two step.


I’ve got your bail money, honey. I’m your rainy day parade, that’s why I promise to come to your aid.chocolate frame pic 16 edited.jpg

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