Things That Go Bump In The Night- Where my Wild things Are

If you live in my house and are about 3.5 feet tall you can see things that us taller folks cannot. There is a multitude of scary “baddies” that currently reside under the beds, and they seem to disturb our peace right around 8:45 pm. They’re inconsiderate, these “baddies” cannot seem to observe our households’ strict rules regarding bedtimes.
I haven’t had the pleasure myself. But my flock keep me informed of their goings ons, they seem to be somewhat troublesome, and even thirsty late in the night.
Anyone have a “baddie” repellent spray we can try?!
As a result of the current climate under Maxwell’s bed, he finds his way to my bed and night after night we cuddle, we talk about the monsters, and other possible night time troubles, I tell him that they’re not real, he nods his head in agreement, but when sent back to his warm bed comes the inevitable rebuttal from him. Any mommy like me staying up late watching True Blood does privately ask herself, is there something actually under that damn bed? Reason will out, and we are forced to face facts, there is no such thing. Our mothers told us when we were 3.5 feet tall, too.

What Me?! Envy?!

Ever get the sense that all the others out there are leading better lives than you? I just spent a few minutes looking over the neighbors’ fence metaphorically speaking and it seems its true. Everyone else is living a better life than me. Right now as I am typying this I hear the delighted laughter of my 13 year old son. His laugh is one that can’t be faked. And somewhere in my metaphorical neighbors’ house the sound of cool jazz music, and clinking wine glasses is being played like a tum tum on a drum. I can hear pure happiness here, and the whir of the whirlpool dishwasher, the kenmore washing machine on the spin cycle. And the clickety clack that is me, trying to be clever. Pithy even.

I’m going to go see what’s so funny, and I will see all you cooler, better life livers later!